The heartache of a loved one’s passing is always immense, and it is only natural that families wish to have a funeral that is extremely personal.  Funerals are a way to celebrate the life that was lived, and for friends and families to come together to remember and reminisce.  


There are so many tender and joyous moments at funerals; as family and friends come together, the bond between them really shines as they help each other through, and there are more smiles and laughter than you might imagine, as everyone remembers stories and shares memories.   

Commissioning a photographer to document the day is a wonderful way to ensure you have a beautiful, tasteful record of this important life event. 
My style is extremely discreet, sensitive, and dignified, ensuring you end up with a beautiful set of images with which to remember this heartfelt occasion.  I can then work with you to create a tasteful photo book, or you may wish simply to have the images in a digital gallery. 


Funeral photography might not be something you have considered, but in my experience has been so well received afterwards, with families telling me how pleased they were that they decided to capture the occasion in this way.   
It is an extremely personal decision, however, and if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch and talk it through with me, with absolutely no obligation to go ahead.